About Egress, Inc.

Egress, Inc. is owned and operated by Jim Dischner, a licensed general contractor with more than 25 years of experience.

The team of experts provide turnkey services that protect the structural integrity of your home, manage the permit process for your municipality, protect your home and landscaping during installation, install your new windows, provide backfill and fresh gravel for the base of the well, remove all debris and leave your home as tidy as we found it.

Our services include a durable window well that will stand up to freezing and thawing conditions. Our hand digging construction process ensures a tight and well-drained window well to protect your foundation.

Egress, Inc. is your licensed contractor for code compliant, fire-escape basement windows. To learn more about the process of installing an egress escape window, click here.

We canít say enough about the service, workmen, and product from Egress, Inc! We had two egress windows installed in an old farmhouse for safety reasons. The installation worked like a dance. Everyone knew their jobs and worked professionally. There wasnít ANY mess for us to clean up after the work was completed and the windows look beautiful. Most importantly, the house is now fire safe for the family living there."
— L & R Pyeatt, Platteville